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You Gotta Work it!

Ok, you find yourself in treatment, your appearance is changing daily and you have to keep the day job, what's a chick to do? We say, "You Gotta Work It," create a look that will work for you. Maybe you have never worn a hat before but your wig is hot, itchy and not as natural as you had hoped. WE HEAR THIS ALL THE TIME. Try incorporating a stylish and comfortable new hat or head wrap to your regular work wardrobe.

Why be afraid of making a change or drawing attention to yourself? You are already living through about the scariest thing possible, so hey, give it a try. Co-workers will adjust to your change more easily than you can imagine and even admire your new style and courage. People will stop you on the street and in elevators to complement you on your hat and sense of style. This positive attention happened to Ultra all the time!

When you choose a hat that fits properly, and you adjust your make-up, people will never even notice that you are concealing hair loss. Don't forget, initiative, ingenuity and problem solving are respected traits in business!

Look what happened to Girlie Chick when we gave her a couple of hats and a pair of sunglasses. Oh, "Jackie O". did she surprise us! This working chick is a wife, mother and grandmother of three. She never wears a hat and in fact she believed she didn't look good in hats. Everyone says that, we at Chemo Chicks say, "Just try the right one and see!"

We believe you are going to love your new look and the new you that goes along with it! Come on, slap on the make-up, toss on a hat, throw your Chick Sick Sack in your brief case and Rock Your World!


[Click on each picture to find out more about the hats]


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