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My sister and my mother flew in to Los Angeles to be with me for my first emergency surgery to remove my Ovarian Cancer. They were the first band of support to get here from Boston with only one day's notice. I don't honestly know what I would have done without them. My mother with her unconditional love and touch. My big sister, Amy, with her devotion, organizational skills and ability to act as an advocate on my behalf.

I was supposed to be in the hospital for about a week but, after being in ICU for 5 days, it was close to 2 weeks before I was allowed to go home. My sister and Mother kept a daily vigil with me at the hospital, all the while, giving companionship and pressure relief to my husband.

By the time I got home, my Dad had been able to arrange his schedule to come out to LA and it was time for my sister to get back to her husband, children and work. This was apparently a little hard for my sister to do. She knew she had to get back to her daily life but she really did not want to leave me. In her own instinctively loving and creative way, she found a way to leave a piece of herself behind that would affect me profoundly every single day.

Amy created a script and made a guided meditation tape in her own words and in her own voice. She gave it to me and suggested that I listen to it every day and every time I wished she was with me.

First, I was amazed at the idea of it and her thoughtfulness in having created it for me. As I did listen to it once a day and more, I grew to fully appreciate my sister's love and wisdom. Early on, I listened to it in the morning when I was having an impossible time remembering why I should even get out of bed, and later, as I got physically and emotionally stronger, I used it in the afternoons as I often needed a nap and felt disheartened to not have the stamina I was used to.

When I pop in the tape, my sister takes me on a walk though a beautiful garden. I am comforted by the familiar sound of her voice and am inspired by the visual images she paints with her words. Before I know it my creative imagination embellishes the picture as the journey inspires me to remember what is beautiful in the world, how much I have to live for and how much strength I have inside me to heal.

Amy created the first of our guided meditation scripts. Since your own words can sometimes be hard to come by we want to offer you some options that you can use as is or personalize as you go. You alone know what makes your chick tick and how to reach her.

The most meaningful and personalized gift you can give is a guided meditation tape created by you in your own voice.

Buy a Chemo Chicks Guided Meditation Script for only $1!












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