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December 2006

Jana RosenblattWell, I think that for the most part…I’mmmm baaaaack. My brain and stamina that is!

As of the beginning of this year I am feeling like the old brain is working again. I am able to keep my thoughts straight, multi task when needed, and last the whole day on the job….most days anyway. Now, minor lingering memory or concentration problems are simply to be blamed on aging.

I continue to work tirelessly with my ChemoChicks team to bring the best possible solutions to women going through the treatment of Cancer. This brings me great joy as do all the wonderful responses we get from women and their families. It makes our every day efforts seem very worth while. I have done several speaking engagements this year and love telling audiences that I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer and am still going strong nearly five years later! According to my medical professionals, I am CANCER FREE!

This year began with a 3,700 mile road trip with a friend from LA to the Gulf of Mexico. It was not only a fabulous vacation full of interesting adventures but the beginning of Jana design International; I am designing all of the interior and exterior details for a luxurious house on the Ocean. The pinnacle of the summer was going back to this location for a month to install a 5’ tall and 15’ long wall of mosaic tile. This is good hard physical work and it was awesome to feel myself strong enough to navigate the dubious scaffolding. It will hopefully lead to more opportunities to travel with my work.

In between I was able to spend some weeks in Massachusetts working on another ocean view home. While there I spent invaluable time with my family as they are all located in and around Boston. I alternated the traveling gigs with lots of varied projects including several “great rooms” and home theaters, 4- kitchens, 9 bathrooms, lots of color schemes and bedrooms of all shapes and sizes.

On the personal front my husband Tobin and I were able to pull off one long weekend camping in the Sierras. Not the kind of camping we used to do with all our belongings strapped to our backs but out in the wilderness none the less. We did some great hikes and I was able to make it through some fairly arduous terrain even though I still carry most of my post chemo extra weight.

Honestly the eating right and exercising regularly is one of the hardest things to keep up since my recovery (I wasn’t that good at it before). I am considered CANCER FREE and I feel like I “should” have a renewed sense of fervor with getting myself into the healthiest condition of my life since my life has been spared… so far, and hopefully through to my 80’s. I am wrestling with how to achieve the goal of leaner and even stronger as I approach 50 (in 2-years).

That is one of my goals for the months ahead along with learning Spanish!

It is said that one of the best ways to exercise your brain is to learn a language and so…I am. It has been slow going but I am determined to persevere not only because I plan on working in Mexico regularly but also because it is one of the things on my list of things to do before I die.

Many of us have learned the hard way not to wait until some time in the future to do the things on the “always wanted to do list”.

With loving thoughts and kind wishes to all the ChemoChicks everywhere,



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