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Let me describe a chemo brain day, I noticed that I needed gas in my car but I hadn't been able to find my ATM card for 2 days. That meant I would have to go to the bank and see the teller, the bank wouldn't be open until ½ an hour after my blood test appointment and well, the little red light wasn't actually on… and frankly, by the time I was pulling out of my driveway, I had actually forgotten I was that low.

I ran out of gas ½ way to my appointment. I met some very nice strangers and a few people I knew while waiting for AAA to show up with the gas, so I was pretty Zen about it. I had called the doctor's office and they were glad to see me whenever I arrived. Now, to the bank, I cash my check for $100.00 and order a new ATM card, but I haven't seen the checkbook since.

Next, a few errands, starting with Costco. I shop for the things I need and can get nowhere else and wait …in line… to pay…….

Suddenly I decide to prepare for my turn at the register and I open my wallet while racking my brain for any memory of where I might have put the $100.00. The money was nowhere to be found. In fact, I had no memory of it being handed to me at the bank. Now, remember I am having memory problems…

I go back to the bank and nicely suggest to the teller that she may not have given me the $100.00. I ask, "Do you remember handing me the money?" She says she thinks she did but she proceeds to total up her drawer, giving me the benefit of the doubt. I think to myself, 'it will turn up here, I know it.'

A few minutes into the process I see a little concern on her face. I wait another minute and notice she has started the counting process again. I ask, "Are you finding a discrepancy?" She says, "Yes, but I am short, not over."

Well, now, we are BOTH panicking. Suddenly in my mind it is the LAST $100.00 I will ever see. She calls over a supervisor who also tries counting the drawer and also comes out behind. Then, the nice supervisor lady comes around the counter and with her hand on my shoulder explains that "these things do occasionally happen" and "if I give her my name and number" she will "give me a call in a day or two when they have had a chance to reconcile the drawer more completely."

But, I still need some cash because I am broke. I start to get a little frazzled when I cannot find my checkbook. I go out to the car, no checkbook, back inside, no checkbook…. I am racking my brain feverishly for where I could have lost the checkbook when they suggest that they can give me the money with a withdrawal slip. Somehow, I am still rather calm but I think they are afraid any more tension and I could lose it. I get the cash and now, carefully put it away in the right place where I should always keep my money!?!

Back to Costco? I don't think so. Home to cry? Yup!

I am walking slowly to my car when they call for me from the bank. I assume I had forgotten something or maybe they found my checkbook. The nice supervisor lady is calling for me to return, they think that they have found something.

As we go back in she explains that Mondays totals are combined with Saturdays totals and that they had found a BIG mistake was made on Saturday. I wait patiently while they finish counting and they give me MY MISSING $100.00

I was really glad I hadn't "lost it" when I wanted to earlier.

You may think this story has a happy ending but, it took 6 hours from start to finish and it shouldn't have taken more than 1 hour, my errands never got done and I lost billable work hours...



Have you had a 'CHEMO BRAIN' day that you would like to vent (I mean share)?  Send it in, you may just feel better!


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