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Eyebrows are a vital part of our facial expressions. I needed mine to go on in the morning and last all day.

I tried powders, I tried pencils, and within an hour they were smudged or rubbed off completely. I tried water-based liquids but they either sweat off during our morning jog, or washed off after swimming.

These two products, in a selection of colors, brought long lasting, natural looking eyebrows and expression back to my face!

with ChemoChicks' exclusive
Brow Guide


 with ChemoChicks' exclusive
Brow Guide



For a natural looking brow try mixing colors… 

Buy 2 EyeSense only $32.00

Buy 2 BrowSense® only $32.00


This revolutionary formulation of waterproof, liquid, brush on eyeliner maintains its amazing long lasting capabilities to create a look from natural to dramatic. We use it to apply long lasting eyebrows with the Brow Guide. It can also be used to fill in your brows before they are gone and as they are growing back in with thin hair-like strokes.

              Colors: Sable (brown/black); Smoke (grey black) 


BrowSense® is a unique, long lasting, waterproof liquid brow color with a two fold delivery system. On one side is a sable brush so you can apply short, hair-like strokes of color while filling in your Brow Guide or where needed on a thinning brow. If you have remaining brow hairs, use the brush wand on the other end to blend the color into your existing hairs.  

              Colors: Light (brown); Dark (dark brown); 
              Auburn (warm medium brown)

Quest for the Elusive Eyebrow
Learn simple techniques to recreate your eyebrows 
that will last for many days! 

Putting on your best face! 

How I was introduced to Senegence™ cosmetics



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