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As we like to say around Chemo Chicks headquarters, "When it comes to illness, attitude is everything."

How that attitude is reflected back to you is equally important. And how you look affects the reflections you get back.

This is where SeneGence™ Long Lasting Cosmetics can help.

Ultra says, "When I look better than I feel at the end of the day, that is my idea of a successful cosmetic! It is especially great for those of us who are too busy with more important things to do than take the time to reapply our make-up during the course of the day."

SeneGence™ cosmetics offer a wide range of colors for skin tone, lips and eyes, as well as a variety of and skin care products. Here at Chemo Chicks we recommend several groupings of our favorite products and we will gladly tell you why! 

Putting on your best face

It is easy to choose your products and make color choices on the SeneGence™ web site when you use the PRODUCT pull down menu at the top of the page. 

Click here to go to the SeneGence site

You will find: 


Putting on your best face! 

How I was introduced SeneGence™ cosmetics 
and a new business in one fateful night!




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