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Parkhurst makes a contemporary and fashionable line of hats, which are uniquely suited for women and men going through medical procedures that make scalps sensitive and cause temporary baldness.

Parkhurst hats feel soft but are designed to be strong, durable, washable, crushable and pack-able. The material is 100% cotton so they feel light and airy on your head while protecting you from the sun's rays. And the finely woven fabric keeps your head warm as the evening chills.


  • Made of 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash and air-dry
  • One size fits most

An important design feature of the styles we have chosen for you is that the hats are cut with deep crowns to fit over the entire hairline. The brims are wired, small enough and flexible so that they can stay on while driving or working. These hats are so adorable that strangers will complement you on your keen fashion sense and not even know what you may be hiding.

As an introductory celebration, we are offering them 
to you at a 
10% savings!

We are currently out of stock of our line
of Parkhurst hats.

New selection coming soon!!







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