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written by 
Cat Williford and
Barbara Schiffman

The Modern Goddess workbook: 

  • A spiral bound workbook, beautifully illustrated, and clearly formatted. Written by women, for women. 

  • It comes with a 2-CD set of guided mediations in a beautiful drawstring bag. 

  • 7 colorful Goddess cards representing the 7 Goddess archetypes that will be explored during the program.



"The Modern Goddess"
written by
Cat Williford and
Barbara Schiffman

Have you ever dreamt of going away for a month and coming back a different person? In my dream, I usually escape to a mountain retreat for days of endless contemplation…

Now, you can create that feeling of accomplishment even if you cannot get away. We recommend The Modern Goddess: Embracing Your Inner Goddesses Through Meditation, Reflection, & Ritual by Cat Williford & Barbara Schiffman. 


This workbook comes with a guided meditation CD and the tools you need to separate yourself from your every day life long enough to create relaxation and reflection, every day for 30 days. The Goddess Cards and instructional workbook take you on a journey, guided by the Goddess archetypes from ancient times but interpreted to be relevant today. You will explore your emotional, physical and spiritual self-thoroughly.

"In a loving way, this workbook is designed to help you discover what your needs really are and how you can meet them easily while also feeling powerful and having a great time…This 30-day discovery program is designed to help your unique Modern Goddess emerge and blossom… You can take this journey as an individual, with a friend/partner or in groups…working this program with others can empower your experience."

The organized combination of reading, listening to guided meditations and journaling has been useful in helping me create focus, allow myself to dream of the future and evolve during this most challenging time of treatments, un- certainty and chemo brain.

It is a great gift for the chick in your life who is questioning her past, present and future and a great gift for the female caregiver who wants to experience a life shift for themselves as their loved one is at this time.



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