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Are you looking for the perfect way to be there for your beloved chick though her trying times? The Guided Meditation script will help you create a most personal and loving gift just for her. Now, you can record a 15-20 minute audiotape, A Garden Walk, in your own voice and interject it with personal messages from you to your chick. She can use this guided visualization tape when she needs to feel that you are close. She will know she is loved and will remember all the good reasons she has to get well and to live

Guided Meditation Scripts: A Garden Walk will come to you in written form from e-mail or via US post. You will need a tape recorder and blank cassette to make the recording. Your chick will need a cassette player to listen to your gift.

A Garden Walk will lead the listener on a path into a beautiful garden. Involving her imagination and stimulating her senses while helping her control her breathing, calm her nerves, and reach a relaxed state. The colorful and aromatic journey helps her to build her strength and courage as she ascends the garden stairs and gently comes out of her meditation. She will feel supported and ready to face both her day and her challenges.

A Most Cherished Gift from My Sister
Learn about how Ultra's sister Amy found the perfect way 
to help her sister, every day, even though they live 
thousands of miles apart



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