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$30 Gift Basket includes:

  • Standing Mirror 

  • Cozy Cap

  • Socks

  • Nail Kit 

  • Salon style emery board

  • Moisturizing lotion 

  • Wide-tooth comb 

  • Pen and Paper 

  • Tissue Pack 

  • Mints 

  • Romance novel

$50 Gift Basket includes:

  • all of the above

  • plus a comfy fleece blanket




Having trouble deciding what to get your Chick? Our Gift Baskets are a recuperating collection of necessities she will love! Full of all kinds of items she is wishing she had at her fingertips. Be the hero that delivers the brand new professional style emery board for the fingernail that's been driving her crazy! A fun book to read, a cozy cap for her to put on, socks to keep her feet warm, the perfect stand-up mirror, and much, much more! She will be so happy with your thoughtfulness!






Our Ultra spent days in the hospital wishing she had the items that we are including in the Chemo Chicks™ Gift Basket. With beautiful flowers surrounding her, Ultra lied in bed desperately wishing for a nail file! These are the kinds of things they don't give you at the hospital and are easily forgotten when packing your bag. Maybe your chick has a two-story house and climbing up the stairs isn't practical after surgery. She will love having items right beside her. These little thoughtful touches may help keep your chick resting!

Select the Chemo Chicks™ Gift Basket Plus Fleece Blanket and your Chick will have a bright, completely washable, twin size blanket to keep her warm. Hospitals can be chilly and temperatures do rise and fall. This is the perfect solution. Easy to throw on and it folds nicely at the end of the bed. A fleece blanket is the perfect recuperating addition!



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