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Jana in her Kitty Cuddly Cap

Made of Polar Fleece

  • Machine wash and air-dry 
  • Designed to be oversized
  • One size fits most

Kitty Cuddly Cap - Top View

Panda Cuddly Cap

Panda Cuddly Cap - side view




One of our biggest physical challenges when we lose our hair is temperature control! Every little breeze causes shivers, and air conditioning can be brutal. 

Our soft, very adorable, warm, machine washable, polar fleece hats are the perfect solution. These original designs were created specifically with Chemo Chicks in mind. The generous shape fits low on the forehead and all the way to the base of the neck for maximum cozy-ness. In fact, if pulled down over the eyes they can help you take the ultimate daytime nap!

You do not have to be BALD to enjoy wearing these friendly cuddly critters!


The KITTY is cream, with black and gold leopard spots. It has green eyes and comes complete with soft whiskers. It provides snuggly warmth with pajamas and robe or lots of "cat-ittude" when accessorizing an outfit.

The PANDA is white with black features. It will keep the Panda-loving Chick warmth while being worn with either clothing or pajamas. In fact, you can wear this hat and still have a "bear" head!






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