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Available colors:
- and 2 lengths chin or shoulder

Pearl (out of stock), Jet

Jana in her Umber cloche
(Sorry, Umber is out of stock)


What could be more elegant than these beautiful, beaded creations? 

French for bell - the cloche hat has a deep crown to pull down to frame the face. The beaded fringe swings as you move your head giving you a sassy bounce.  The short front fringe creates a bang effect falling to just the brow.  The longer side and back fringe lays beautifully around your head moving as you move, like beaded hair! Perfect for dressing up or wearing with a suite for work or adorable with just your jeans. 

Any chick can wear our beaded cloche.  Women with full heads of hair will feel elegant and stylish, they make a unique fashion statement. The crochet like pattern allows your scalp to breath. It covers bald beautifully, and looks great with only a wisp of hair. 

Chemo Chicks™ brings you three great colors:

Pearl has a rich pearl bead that is wonderful when paired with a linen suit, spring dress, or even for a bride!

Jet is the ultimate wardrobe basic!  If you are a “black is my color” chick than Jet is for you.  Perfect with the little black dress! 

NEW! Gold 



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