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When we couldn't find the solution to applying perfect eyebrows quickly and easily in the marketplace, we created the Brow Guide. This re-usable clear plastic mask fits firmly on your face and stays in place with a comfortable elastic strap, leaving both hands free to apply your make-up. The cut out eyeholes allow you to see clearly while aligning the Brow Guide into position. In fact, it fits smoothly enough to allow you to wear glasses while applying your brows or checking the alignment of the guide.

Nobody's face is perfectly symmetrical but if you align the mask with your eyes, secure the elastic at the level of your ears, and check the printed guidelines above the nose, your applied brows will be as close to your natural brows as possible. Each order of Brow Guide includes three sizes for you to choose from. The distance between your eyes and the width of your face determines your correct size.

Once the Brow Guide™ is in place, we recommend the application of SeneGence™ EyeSense™ or BrowSense® which, unlike pencils and powders, allow you too brush on a natural looking brow that will stay on until you remove it.

Set of 3 Brow Guides
(one of each size)

Set of 3 with EyeSense™ 
Colors: Sable (brown/black)
Smoke (grey black) 

Set of 3 with BrowSense® 
Colors: Light (brown) 
Dark (dark brown) 
Auburn (warm medium brown)


Set of 3 with 
Earth Henna Tattoo Kit


  • The Brow Guide is made of clear, reusable plastic. It has eyeholes and the eyebrow area cut out and includes an elastic strap. 

  • It comes in sizes, each package contains one of each size

  • It is cleanable with water or alcohol depending on the make-up product used 

  • For best results with your Brow Guide, we recommend the use of Senegence™ long lasting EyeSense™ or BrowSense® which, unlike pencils and powders, allow you to brush on a natural looking brow that will stay on until you remove it.  They are both waterproof and smear proof. These products are mixable and blendable for a more personalized effect. 

  • The Brow Guide is also a great tool to use with our Henna tattoo products for eyebrows that will last for 5-7 days at a time. Once you have "tattooed" your eyebrows on you can easily personalize the color by using one of the Senegence™ long lasting make-up products described above. 

  • It helps to have a photograph of your natural eyebrows handy while finishing this final step so you can re-create the individual nuances of your look.

Click here for more information on
selecting your Brow Guide size and application instructions

Quest for the Elusive Eyebrow
Learn simple techniques to recreate your eyebrows 
that will last for many days! 

How I was introduced to Senegence™ cosmetics


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