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During the period of my initial Chemo treatments I looked forward to Friday nights at my synagogue whenever I felt up to it. My congregation is fairly innovative and, this particular Friday night, rather than worshiping all together at the usual place we split up into smaller groups or families and met in our neighborhoods at the homes of members who volunteered as hosts.

My husband Tobin and I went to the home of Sandy Stein, now known as Sassy Chick. After a short but meaningful worship service in which we all took part we did what all Jews do when they congregate, we ate dessert and “kibitzed” (Yiddish for making small talk).

I had become accustomed to saying things like, "All I want for Chanukah is my eyebrows back” and since this was November, just before the holiday, I said it several times that night. Finally, both God and Sandy must have heard me because Sandy turned around and answered my wish. She asked me what I meant by that. I explained how much trouble I was having putting on and keeping eyebrows on my face. Between powders and pencils smudging and disappearing and my exhaustive efforts to create balance and symmetry, I was pretty exasperated.  Sandy said, “I think that I can help you with that” as she led me into her home office and gave me my first two SeneGence™ cosmetic products.

I had just created my Henna tattoo process, so the symmetry was getting easier and I was able to wake up with a hint of eyebrows which helped me look less like an alien at the start of the day. But they were still too pale to handle the amount of expression I wanted to project to the world. I needed to augment the warm brown tattoo markings with something that I could put on in the morning and be confident it would last all day.

The first products that I tried was a smoky blue ShadowSense™, which I used as a liner below and a shadow above my eyes, filling in the void from my missing lashes (yes, I lost those too). Then the very important BrowSense® liquid eyeliner that I used to brush on some fine lines over my tattooed brows to add real expression to myface. Immediately I was thrilled with the benefits of this product line. It was what I had been looking for months and now finally found.

I am relieved every day to look fresh and ALIVE!  And amazed that I can still look as good at the end of the day as I did in when I put it on in the morning.

In fact, understandably some days I look a lot better than I feel, which is better than the other way around! 





























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