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Because it's fun, silly, supportive and empowering!


The Original Five:

Ultra - She rises to every occasion like the super hero chick she is!

Mouthie - She could go on and on but let's face it, the name fits!

Smartie - Beautiful and very, very smart!

Girlie - She wears "Barbie" shoes everyday!

Sunshine - She always has kind words and gives lots of hugs!


New Chick Names:

NEW! Sure Chick - Read Sure Chick's Chick story>

Amelia Chickela - "As sister of Ultra-Chick I am so proud of what you have all done. The newsletter was terrific and of course I love the website. You are providing a wonderful service and support to women."
Thank you. With love

Chick-A-Dee - "I'm 17 years old and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer this past February 2006. Luckily, they were able to remove just my cantaloupe size tumor and one ovary - so one day I can still be a mom if I want to. I'm in my 1st of 3 chemo cycles. It is most definitely not a fun process, but I haven't gotten sick or anything so I guess it could be worse. The past couple days, however; I have notice my hair beginning to fall out, so I'm a little scared about that. My family, friends, and my boyfriend are extremely supportive though, so I'll be fine. My boyfriend is actually going to be the one who shaves my head - then I'm going to shave his. My high school graduation and senior prom all follow the end of my treatment, so I do have something to be looking forward to and to be striving for. I'm planning to attend college in the up coming fall as well. So even though this Cancer caused a big bump in my otherwise smooth sailing life, I' m not going to let it stop me!!!"
- Alexcia S. Concord, NH

Nature Chick - "I picked the name "Nature Chick" because I am a tree hugger, love gardening and am in the process of restoring woodland overcome with invasive weeds. I saved all my hair that fell out during treatment for breast cancer and this spring will scatter it out in the woods for the birds to use to make nests. I love this website!"
- Denise

Cindy-rella Chick (She scrubs the floors, then turns into a princess!) - "I had a major melt-down this morning ... chemo brain has taken over my life. Forgot a meeting was happening at 10 am, despite the fact I'd looked at the notation on the calendar only an hour before - this is the second time THAT has happened this week and its only Wednesday.

Found myself studying a list unable to recall if I'd actually emailed these folks asking for their reports ... or was this last year's list that I'd updated and had yet to contact anybody??  Can't tell you how many times I walked into the kitchen and stood there, wondering what the hell I came in for...

Desperation set in. Where is my memory? Of course we go to the internet for answers ... Found your website when I typed in chemo brain. Ya'll made me laugh. It helps to know others are in this with me.

Thanks and love!
- Cindy F.

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