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Actually, I do not really think so. Flowers are an expression of great love and can really cheer up your Chick.

After writing thank you notes to the 75 people who sent me flowers while I was in the hospital and for several weeks after I got home, I began to think about it a little. My family and close friends from near and far wanted to connect and let me know that they were thinking of me. For that I am both humbled and remain grateful.

As I went from the stage of recuperating from surgery into chemotherapy treatments I realized that there were a lot of things I was going to need. Things I didn’t currently have as budget-line-items in my life. This is to say, rather unexpected expenses.

First, there was sleepwear that I could have on when visitors came by. Then there was a need for very loose-fitting clothing I could wear to start getting out of bed and walking in the neighborhood.

Once my hair started to come out I needed (or thought I needed) a wig. When I realized the wig wasn’t working for me, I needed hats in a variety of colors and styles. When I lost my eyebrows I was desperate for solutions because no eyebrows was the worst assault of all.  Once I had a great hat thing going I needed the make-up so my face could compete with my hats. Then I got bored with a few hats and needed more head covering solutions…..You can see how this thing grows.

And for women with other kinds of cancers there are other line-items like breast prosthetics, special bras and bathing suits, comfortable clothing that won’t hurt during radiation… the list goes on.

I think we have the perfect solution - Gift Certificates!

The Chick in your life can choose just what she needs to cheer her up!

You will be letting her know that you not only care, but that you understand the challenges she has ahead of her.










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