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As you may have already read on this site being bald and losing my body hair and several internal female organs has not really been a problem for me, until I lost my eyebrows and lashes.

I don't know whether they are normally the last to go or whether I was somehow able to protect them the longest. I do know, that as they fell out I began to lose the healthy expression of my face and began to look sick.  

This was NOT okay with me.

I knew that I needed some new coping skills and make-up application techniques so I began a comprehensive search.

First, I tried the eyebrow pencils I happened to own and found myself unable to create anything either realistic or remotely close. My coordination failure was a shock to me as I have a Master's Degree in Fine Art, featuring
design, drawing and drafting. This was 

Next, I sought the products currently on the market in your local beauty supply stores and even a store specializing in wigs and products for the cancer community. What I found were powders that came with a brush and some 'one-eye-at-a-time' stencil applicators. You can imagine that 'one-eye-at-a-time' left a great deal of room for another symmetry failure. It took me about an hour in the morning to get them straight - whether or not they ended up in the right place on my face. Then, to my great frustration, within an hour or two I would find that I had inadvertently rubbed off half of the powder or more. There goes the symmetry.

For weeks I was dismayed by the futility of it all.

I had been doing the Henna Tattoos and had finally perfected both the recipe and the process when I realized that even if it was not my natural color the Henna would allow me to create a longer lasting solution. I could spend a few minutes getting the Brow Guide symmetrical and only have to do it once or twice a week. I began to apply the Henna paste, which if nothing more, did match the tattoo on my head and didn't rub off in casual wear. I then augmented the tattoo with a little liquid eyeliner to add texture, shape and color.

You will find several successful solutions for applying your eyebrows here at www.ChemoChicks.com and they are outlined as follows:

  1. You can purchase the Chemo Chicks Henna Body Painting Kit and our Brow Guide. The use of the Henna for eyebrows lasts 5-7 days. The Henna Paste lasts for 3-4 weeks in your refrigerator, so you can achieve a great long-term solution by re-applying before the original Henna has worn off.

For me, this was easy to do all by myself and the look became even more successful when I was introduced to the line of SeneGence™ long lasting make-up and used the Eyesense™ and Browsense™ products to add a few hair like strokes over the top once a day. It is the long lasting properties of SeneGence™, which won't "rub off, brush off, sweat off or swim off", that perfected the method.

  1. The real breakthrough for me was when I developed the Brow Guide™ double, plastic coated eyebrow stencil. If you were thinking that I was obsessed with this ongoing quest and could not rest until I invented this product - you would be right.

The Brow Guide™ rests on your nose and is secured in place on your face with an elastic strap that frees both hands to apply your Eyesense™ and Browsense™ fast drying, long lasting liquid make-up. Again, finding these products was a revelation to me because it stays on until I remove it with Foops™ Facial Color Remover or a glycerine soap like Neutragena. I look just as good at the end of the day as I did in the morning when I put it on. Even when I do not feel as good as I look.

  1. This solution will only work if you have the time to plan ahead before starting your chemo. If you have a month or more before starting your treatments, you may want to consider "permanent make-up" You should be able to find a practitioner of this licensed skill in the phone book. We hope to develop a list for you here online. Please, let us know who you are using.

Here is how it is working for me. A few weeks after I finished my first set of six chemo cycles and was feeling much like my old self again, I had my 'second look' surgery. It is the common way, with Ovarian Cancer, to learn if the treatments have worked or are working. The very good news is that all of the biopsies of my tissue are cancer free! The tough news is that the statistics show, and some oncologists recommend, that a full year of monthly chemo cycles with Taxol can greatly increase my odds of a long-term cure.

My husband Tobin and I decided it was worth going through it for the hope of long-term recovery. Especially since I wasn't having too terrible a time with the treatments. I had some side effects but I found them tolerable.

Knowing that I could handle the physical yucks of chemo was one thing but a FULL YEAR WITHOUT EYEBROWS was more than I could bear.

Since I was recovering from my second major operation in seven months, I had a few chemo-free weeks to plan ahead. That is when I sought out "Permanent Make-up." I knew I had at least 4-6 weeks before I would need to begin my treatments. If you have any less time than this or you are already undergoing your chemo then this method is NOT for you. When you are undergoing chemo you will not generate the new cell growth necessary to heal quickly and the possibility of infection is too risky.

Permanent Make-up is a real temporary tattoo. Done with real tattoo needles by applying colored pigment to tiny cuts dug into your skin. It requires 3-4 weeks to recuperate between applications and it takes 2-3 applications if you want it to last 4-5 years before fading. Since I only need the effects to last about a year it was agreed that one deep and thorough treatment would do.

Cheryl did a great job even though I did not make it very easy for her. First, she waxed and shaped my natural, re-grown, eyebrows until we arrived at a shape we both liked. Next, she used a topical liquid anesthetic to numb the area as much as possible (definitely not enough for me!). She mixed a color that would work with my skin tone and existing hair, loaded up the needle, revved up the motor, and begun.

Cheryl proceeded to carve a series of diagonal lines in among my eyebrows so that when my hair is gone there will be a semi-permanent shadow of an eyebrow that I can simply augment with my Eyesense™ and Browsense™ fast drying, long lasting liquid make-up.

I am not going to lie to you. It hurt like hell! Essentially this is a real tattoo but with semi permanent dye, on your face. Now, I am really not the vainest woman on the planet but if I could withstand an hour of torture I knew could face the coming year with eyebrows!

As I start losing my hair again, I am relieved to wake up every morning with a little something there. I strap on my Brow Guide™, add a few hair like strokes and I am good to go.





Brow Guide



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