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Actually Doctor, You Are Making Me Crazy

There are four girls in my family. My eldest sister died of breast cancer at 36. Most recently, my other sisters are have been diagnosed: One has ovarian cancer and the other one has breast cancer. My HMO has been moving me through the screening process and so far I have received good reports. At my very first visit with their OBGYN Cancer Specialist, he told me, "If I was a woman with your family history, I would immediately remove my breasts and ovaries". I could not believe my ears.

I decided to start reading up on the possible choices and found for me, there could be a down side with replacement hormone therapy. I knew I needed to discuss these options further. One year later, I had another appointment with this Doctor. I went in fully prepared and began asking him questions. He looked directly at me, completely serious, and pronounced, "You are Cancer Phobic!" He then demanded, "Who is going to be your doctor, you or me?"

I now have a woman doctor, I get screenings every six months and I plan to never need his "specialties" again!

- Lorie S., West Hills, CA


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