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I feel an attack of flamboyance comin' on!

Because of the radiation treatments they had me on, and the large doses of steroids, I had all the side effects: the face looks like a moon, the hump at the nape of the neck, and all the effects of radiation to boot! Sore mouth, dry mouth, taste buds off, sunburned face, you name it - I had it! If I didn't look in the mirror often, it wasn't too bad. 

One afternoon, a friend joined us for lunch. It had been a while since he had seen me. He could barely stand to look at me! And here I was going to extra effort, wearing make-up, I never had before, making sure I was neat and tidy for all public appearances! My friend twisted and turned and looked at me out of the corner of his eye or studied the table. Finally, he began.... "If you're out and about, say shopping, and see someone you know, and they don't speak to you, it's because they don't recognize you. You don't look like you any more!" And for the first time, peered directly at me, waiting for a response. Yeah, like I needed that! 

Thank you Cancer. Thank you treatments. And before I forget, thank you, my friend for the reminder! And for what it's worth, I have decided if I can't have hair, okay, I can be outrageous! One of the things I keep telling people is: I feel an attack of flamboyance comin' on!

- Elizabeth in Iowa 
30 pounds overweight, age 60, woman, wife, mother, and grandmother!


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