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Cure for Cancer? Try my chiropractor…


During my treatment (for Breast cancer) I got engaged to my boyfriend--now my husband. We were looking for an apartment to move into after our marriage. Since I was still pretty hairless, including not having eyebrows and eyelashes, I tried to be upfront about my appearance. Good apartments that would take our dog and cat were hard to come by and we wanted to make a good impression. Unfortunately, one potential landlady took it upon herself to second guess my surgeons and oncologist and insisted on making me an appointment with her chiropractor because all those other doctors were clearly hacks. 

Needless to say we did not take the apartment and I did not go to the appointment with her chiropractor. I was willing to overlook well-meaning friends who suggested dubious alternative treatments because I knew they meant well and were feeling helpless and were trying to do something in the face of my diagnosis. I became a lot meaner after this in dealing with strangers attempting to butt into my doctoring.

- Nadine L.

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