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What a Small Brain on Such
a Beautiful Woman


I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was waiting three weeks for my surgeon, an operating room and "me" to be on the same page while contemplating a bi-lateral mastectomy. Although it was truly the most difficult of times, my young children kept my head above water and my minutes to brood rather short. 

At first I stayed out of sight, not wanting to answer the same questions or hear the same remarks over and over again... 

"You look great for someone just diagnosed with cancer!"  (How is someone just diagnosed with cancer supposed to look?) 

"Can I feel it?"  (I swear)

"Are you going to live?"  (I don't know, are you?)

Anyway, one day I went to my children's elementary school having just pulled my head out of the dirt and found myself surrounded by many warm and wonderful friends. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to give me their love and support. 

When the group weasled down to just one other woman and myself (not a friend but an inquiring mind at best), she looked at my chest and said "What big beautiful breasts. What a waste!" As she walked away, I could only think one thought, "What a small brain on such a beautiful woman."

- Just 'Duckie', North Hollywood, California


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