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Chick Picks
Following are a number of links and resources that we find very valuable:
Cancer Care, Inc. www.cancercare.org This website supports the caregivers offering counseling, financial and insurance information and education. This company is a non-profit organization. They have a toll free number 800-813-4673.
Offers comprehensive customized seminars, workshops and consulting services that are strategically designed and developed to identify opportunities, quantify challenges, and eliminate existing obstacles to increased profitability, productivity, and market dominance. 
MD Anderson Cancer Center
This site is great for those who like the one on one communication with other cancer patients. They try to match the cancer patient or caregiver who has the same diagnosis and treatment. They have a telephone support line, quarterly newsletter, and community outreach groups.
National Cancer Institute
The NCI website offers a toll free 800 number that anyone can call to ask specific questions regarding their health. They offer a Spanish language link. The website has listed detailed support opportunities, as well as useful financial, insurance, and hospice/home care information. This site has a wealth of information.
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship www.canceradvocacy.org This is a great site for information for both the cancer patient and caregivers.
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
This is a great website! From teleconferences for those who have questions about ovarian cancer to a library that gives a list of reference books on ovarian cancer. They also have an event calendar listing upcoming events all across the USA.
National Women's Health Information Center www.4woman.gov This is a government agency website for information and education for women with cancer.
Share-Self Help for Women with Breast and Ovarian Cancer www.sharecancersupport.org This is a wonderful site for those who want to speak to someone for support regarding either breast or ovarian cancer. All the volunteers are survivors of breast of ovarian cancer. They also have a Latina section and hotline.
Taking the Fear Out of Cancer
This is a reading site for tips and suggestions on how to deal with cancer. It has a lighthearted almost "corny" spin to it, but it is informative. They are funded by tax-deductible donations from individuals, organizations, foundations, corporations, and through subscriptions.
Women's Cancer Network www.wcn.org This is a comprehensive site that includes schedules of educational conferences, Internet conferences, a toll free help line, and more. The site is geared for breast cancer patients but there is a myriad of information for all cancer patients. Please check this site out.


Let us know your picks, email us at info@chemochicks.com.
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