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Marianne H., Fluffy Chick, Manchester, Connecticut

My chemo brain has gotten worse since I finished chemo for malignant endometriosis in July. My husband and I own a Bed and Breakfast Inn. This is how my chemo brain day evolved:

I started doing the guest rooms and within a short time I couldn't remember if I'd cleaned or turned over a certain guest room. I checked and of course I had turned the room over, but I had NO memory of changing the bed, cleaning the bathroom, etc.

Next, luckily, by accident, I checked another guest room to make sure it had pillowcases. I was stunned. I'd forgotten there had been guests in it the night before. I began tidying it up for their return. Nearly done, it hit me that the guests' suitcases and toiletries were missing. Then I remembered they had checked out that morning!

The next morning making breakfast for our guests, I thought the microwave was broken. I called my husband in a panic to pick up one on the way home since we use it all the time for our business. The upshot of this was that it wasn't broken at all. I had totally blanked out on how to start it, after using the same microwave for 8 years. Not only blanked out, but I didn't even realize that I had blanked out!

I sure hope this gets better.

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