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When 15-year-old Robin Farber of Robin - before Swampscott, MA was ready to “chop it off” she knew just what she wanted to do.  Having always desired long hair, Robin had been growing it for a year and a  half.  As her life became more hectic, filled with volleyball, school musicals, religious studies and all of her school work as a tenth grader at Swampscott High School she eventually “got tired of taking care of it.”

“Through the years, I had heard of the Locks of Love program.  When I started to think about cutting my hair I looked it up online.” Locks of Love requires that you must be willing to cut off 10 inches or more and they even provide lists of hair salons that can help you cut off your hair and some do it for free!

While Robin was visiting her sister Shira at Barnard College in New York, they were deciding what to do for the day and Robin said, “Hey, let’s cut my hair!” 

At the salon, they pulled her beautiful darkRobin - during hair back into a long ponytail, secured it with an elastic bank and cut her hair above it. Next they packaged the banded ponytail up to mail it in, writing the length of the hair on the package as instructed.

Locks of Love will use the hair to make wigs and help children who have diseases that cause hair loss. They sent me a little thank you card that says they received my hair.”

“It makes me feel happy with what I have done. I can imagine some little girl wearing my hair.  I think I have it good because my hair looks good at any length and now it is so light and easy to wash.”

“[I want] to make people aware of it (Locks of Love) so they can suggest it to friends who are thinking of cutting their hair.”

“My best friend Rachel is doing it today!”

  Robin, do you like the new length?


Robin - after



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