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 More Chick Names


Angelhorse Chick - "I recently was diagnosed with lung cancer and I am now a chemo chick. The name I chose refers to my love of mans most beautiful beast, the horse that I have loved, owned, and adored ever since I was 6. So glad to find your website. It seems to be for forward thinking BALD gals who don't mind bearing it all.
- Marcy

Tongva Chick - "I am a 43-year young gabrieleno/tongva (San Gabriel mission, CA) Native American. I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (her2). I was told that I had a 50/50 chance of survival for 5 years or less. I felt awful (sad), angry (very), and alone…

I got over it! I live the same way as I had before…like there was no tomorrow and with strong faith."

For more of Tongva Chicks words of encouragement click here
- San Gabriel Mission, CA

Swinger Chick - "I was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 21 and I had taken up ballroom dancing a few months before my diagnosis. The east coast swing quickly became my favorite dance. My now boyfriend was my dance instructor and when my hair started coming out he shaved my head for me and then in return he let me shave his head. Before each round of treatments I get, if I have enough energy, he and I will go to our favorite restaurant and do swing dancing with the live band. Swing dancing has been my happiness away from all the bad stuff that happens.
- Elizabeth H., Jeffersonville, Indiana

Faithful Chick - "I was diagnosed August of 2004 with Leukemia. I'm 16 and have many friends and family to support me and love me, but I would not be any where without my God. He has kept me going and continues to give me the faith I need to make it through the chemo. All things are possible....."
- Lindsay

Kitty Chick - was diagnosed in 2002 with a large (6cm x 6cm) brain tumor. July 23rd, 2002 and underwent a right frontal craniotomy for resectioning of her tumor. In January 2004 she had another tumor removed followed by chemo. Now, She says "Things have settled down somewhat my last MRI was clear and I'm hoping for the same results the next MRI in July. My husband calls me Kitty, not sure why, just the name I have, so call me Kitty chick."

For more details of Kitty Chick's story click here
- Tamara M., California

Bridal Chick - "I am Bridal Chick. My boyfriend and I got engaged in October 2004. We had a wonderful life, great house, awesome dog...Everything was going great, wedding plans were underway for our October 15, 2005 wedding AND THEN my doc felt a lump in my breast in Feb 2005. Now I am 2 days post-lumpectomy, getting ready for months of chemo and radiation treatments. And we STILL have a wonderful life - with some unplanned detours. I will dance at my October 15th wedding - with or without hair!"
- Jessica L. 

Chickie Baby - "Hi. I just found this site, and I love it already. I am in California, and live in the desert. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and have to have a lumpectomy on the 20th. After that chemo and radiation. I know I will loose my hair, but my hair is already getting thin even though I have had no chemo…I am 66 years old and was born in the Netherlands. I came to the States in 1959...and I love it here!"
- Corry B., Hemet, CA

Wonder Woman Chick - Had a diagnosis of invasive ductile cell carcinoma. After her bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction she says: " I had a radical (mastectomy) on the right and simple on the left. I have taken my second round of chemo, my hair is gone, I am a tired bitch most of the time, but heck I am entitled… I still carry my wonder woman title as I have 5 children that need love and attention everyday, a really good reason to keep subjecting my self to the agony of chemo. I have a wonderful husband and a great support group of family and friends."
- Melissa, Iowa

5 kids! We think you deserve the title Wonder Women Chick as well!   Click here for more of Wonder Women Chick's story

Blessed Chick -"I am very blessed in having a wonderful recovery from my second surgery, a year ago, followed by a series of chemo treatments. I totally believe in a Higher Power being Jesus Christ and His healing. What a blessing to know that He is in control. I am 46 and have a wonderful husband of 28 years and two great children. I love the garden, animals, birds and anything with nature. I feel I have been through HELL and am now enjoying the Heaven of this earth."
- Suni J. Wyoming

So many of us feel truly blessed to be alive after our recovery. Although our base for our spiritual beliefs may vary "Blessed Chick" has chosen a name that most of us can identify with.

Ex-Pat Chick- I'm an American woman, 57, who has lived and worked in Serbia/Montenegro (former Yugoslavia) for 28 years. My Serbian husband and I have two grown children, a son who has returned from the US to work here, and a daughter who is currently finishing the University of Washington's School of Pharmacy (June 2005). I am a teacher (French) at the International School of Belgrade and my husband is a civil engineer, as is our son. I've lived most of my adult life in Europe (France and here) and so that's why I've chosen the name of Ex-Pat Chick.
- Pat A., Serbia/Montenegro

Care Chick - "I have been a caregiver since I was a young teenager. Actually I believe I was born with the gift of giving. It's just part of my nature. I am to this day a caregiver for the elderly."

Care Chick has gone through a lot with her own cancer and still she thinks more of others challenges than of her own. Click here for more Care Chicks diagnosis of infiltrating duct carcinoma 
-Jan G., Yucca Valley, California

Dreamin' Chick - I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 17, 2004 as I was walking into my sister's graduation from nursing school. It is now March and I have been through a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction surgery and on March 14, 2005 I began eight rounds of chemo. I found this website today and I now realize that I have not realized what has taken place in my life. Reading the chick stories has been very therapeutic for me. My family has been very supportive and my husband of thirty years has been more than I could ever dream of--therefore the name-dreamin' chick! I have always thought that cancer happened to other people but now it has touched me and I will never be the same again. Somehow I feel that I have a second chance at life. Sometimes I would think of what I dreamed about. Since I have given birth to three children and am now fifty years old, I would dream about having a flat stomach, alas I know have a flat stomach. I also would dream about having larger breasts, the plastic surgeon has granted my request and moved my stomach to my breasts. Another thing I would dream about was to have curly hair and I am told that when my hair grows back there is a good chance that it will be curly. You never know how a dream will come true. 
- Oriol

Keep the Faith Chick - I was diagnosed on November 05, 2004 with Ovarian Cancer. After my surgery on November 20, 2004 (my hubbie's birthday) I was staged at IIC. I had a complete radical hysterectomy. They took my uterus, ovaries, tubes, cervix as well as my appendix and omentum, and let us not forget the tumor the size of a human head. My hubby and I went through several years of fruitless fertility treatment so I had already dealt with the "loss and grieving" of never being a mother. That part of the healing process wasn't as bad for me as it may be for others. I have completed five of my six chemo cycles; the last one is April 2005. I am doing very well at this point. I live in NYC with my wonderful hubby of five and a half years and have a wonderful support system of family and fiends. I am looking forward to the spring and the rebirth that it brings. I include myself in that rebirth. As the flowers sprout and grow so will I and my hair, I hope!
- Karin B.

Photo Chick - I am not photographic but work for a photographer so my buddies on the Johns Hopkins Board named me Photo Chick. I was diagnosed in 2002 with OVCA, had a hysterectomy - stage IIc and chose not to have chemo at that time. In March 2003 the numbers went back up and I had surgery and 5 rounds of chemo. In March 2004 the numbers came up again so I just started 3 to 4 more rounds of chemo. My motto is "I have cancer it does not have me". I try to just get up each day and go about my daily life. I also like to give as much support to people as I can that have cancer or are dealing with those that do. I support the ACS Relay for Life each year.
- Barbara W.,

Glitter Chick - My chick name is Glitter! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November and had a bilateral mastectomy in December. My prognosis was good, but I still had to go through chemo which made me very sick, as it does so many. During this time I received a tremendous amount of support from others. I did not realize all the love I had in my life from family members and so many friends. I didn't know how blessed I was nor that I had so many people caring about me. This is why I picked the name Glitter. I use to make greeting cards and used all kinds of glitter to decorate them. I always had glitter everywhere: on my clothes, my furniture, my carpeting and especially on my face. Now I have a smile on my face because during my illness I found so many things to smile about. I want to spread this glitter (happiness) to others because it made such a difference in my life. It made me see how important a card, a phone call, and especially a prayer can be. It helps so much in the journey of healing.
- Kay P. West St. Paul, Minnesota

Fluffy Chick - Read her great Excuse Me: "Are You Still Around?" and her wonderful Chemo Brain Day: "Marianne the Innkeeper - My Chemo Brain Day"
- Marianne H., Manchester, CT

Stubborn Chick - I have always been stubborn and always will be stubborn. Competitive by nature, Cancer will not win....
- DeAnne D., Tacoma WA

Motherless Chick - I lost my mom last year to breast cancer. My mom and I were VERY close and I miss her terribly!! Ladies, cherish your mothers, no one can replace them! 
- Lisa

Newfie Chick - Looks like I'll be the first Newfoundlander on the list.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma one month ago. I have completed one cycle of chemo already and have seven more cycles to go two treatments make a session). Radiation will follow. I will have Neupogen injections in between to boost my white blood cell count. After only two treatments I am losing my hair like crazy and sought out this site as advised by a neighbor.

I am a 28 yr old married chick with a 3 yr old daughter. Currently living in Calgary, AB....work drew us here 7 yrs ago. Although the rockies are Beautiful, I miss the ocean.

I enjoy this site immensely and have had comfort in reading stories, tips and ideas for head apparel. Keep up the good work. My family hails from Newfoundland.
- Heather, Calgary, AB

Gladiator Chick - My sister, Sylvania, has a tough battle ahead of her. I would like to suggest her Chick Name be Gladiator Chick and ask that all of you pray with us for her strength and full recovery from IBC. 
Click here for Gladiator Chick's story
- Alan Ann, Chicago, IL

E-Tx Chick - Howdy! The week after we celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary in December, 2003, I had a 'modified radical bilateral' mastectomy. Have just started chemo and when I surfed up your webpage, I deleted all the technical stuff I'd been reading and put you at the top of the Favorites list. You have the exact info that we've been needing. Now if could just get folks to look into my eyes instead of at my chest when we're having a conversation!! LOL!
- Dorothy, formerly from Texas

Slick Chick - I am writing this for my sister Cheryl. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2003 and is now in chemo with radiation following. She is really being knocked for a loop with these treatments but knows it is the best thing to do. I have told her about your website and all the resources. I have shared some of the letters and remarks. I told her about the chick names and at first she thought she would want to be called "whiner" chick because everything was so awful, then the hair all left her body and she decided to call herself "Slick Chick". Please enter her as Slick Chick and know that all the chicks that have come before are an inspiration to her. She has two more treatments. The last one is on New Year's Eve day. What a celebration we will have. Hurray!!
- Pattiann, Iowa

Yoga Chick - My life was incredible before I had cancer - well-balanced, filled with love, healthy, and I had the opportunity to help others. I believe it will be the same when I am through with my treatment, only I want to focus my "helping" on other people with cancer, especially breast cancer. I know - no questions asked - that the reason I was chosen to get cancer is so that I can help others. Click here for Yoga Chick's story
- Laura K., Boulder, Colorado

Otter Chick - Read Otter Chick's hilarious Excuse Me - You can't stop hormones!
- Lisa B., Central City, Arkansas

Rock Dancer Chick - I was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer in May of 2003. I had a hysterectomy and some other ectomies and had chemo all summer. My last treatment was Sept 17th. My hair is about 3/4 of an inch long. I am a dance teacher and a rock climber. Getting back into these activities as my energy has begun to return has given me a renewed sense of body awareness and trust in my body. It had betrayed me with cancer, where previously I had always been able to depend on it. I am now teaching private swing dance lessons a few hours a week and teaching rock climbing at the rock climbing gym. Thanks for your website.
- Eden E., Boulder, Colorado

Blondie Buzz Chick - Click here for Blondie Buzz' story
Beccy J., Waterloo, Iowa

Grateful Chick - Click here for Grateful Chick's story
Lois P., Sedona, Arizona

Couzy Chick - Some people have magic in their hearts and this is most true of Mouthie's cousin. She lives her life with a commitment to the positive. It's amazing considering she lost her mother (whom she misses terribly) 20 years ago to non-hodgkins lymphoma. In the last year and a half, she has cared for and lost both her father-in-law and nine months later her mother-in-law to cancer, and then most recently our beloved aunt to ovarian cancer. For a glimpse of her spirit see the Chick Story she wrote - Tanner Dog, Tanner Bear and my Cuzin' Sally.
- Tina S. Mira Loma, CA

Pink Chick - This is for all the women and men affected by breast cancer. Pink was never my color until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2003. After 2 lumpectomies, I had a mastectomy October 14th, 2003. I started a 18 week clinical trial of chemotherapy on November 14th. This will be followed by radiation therapy and hormone therapy. I now appreciate the color of pink... it is my color of hope, faith, and of life!
Debby Parnell

Artsy Chick - Talent, talent, talent! Jen has worked as a union scenic artist for film and television both in NY and LA. She is a gifted fine artist and has many creative talents. As the loving caregiver that she is to her friend, our Ultra Chick, Jen made Ultra's dream of HENNA come true. 
- Jennifer S., Hollywood, California

Boy Chick - Based on the Yiddish word BOYCHICK, referring to a young or little, cute boy, our BOY CHICK is Ultra's husband. He has been her other half for 15 years and has been her devoted partner before during and after her cancer diagnosis. He is no longer that young, not that little but definitely CUTE! 
- Tobin L., Van Nuys, California

Sassy Chick - Sandy has been a career flight attendant in addition to her Senegence™ cosmetic business. She can handle a plane full of passengers and fix your make-up! Sandy is an inspirational entrepreneur, as one of the very first distributors for the four-year-old cosmetic company she has built a thriving business we hope to emulate. Check out more of Sassy's story 
- Sandy S., West Hills, California

Radiant Chick - Marilyn is one of the first chicks to agree to model for our site and we all had a blast on our first shoot. Her radiance emanates from within, as she is truly beautiful inside and out. Radiant Chick is an ovarian cancer survivor; one year from surgery, she is confident and getting stronger every day! Read about Radiant's incredible daughter
- Marilyn R., Northridge, California

Little Chick - As a high school student, Robin was looking for a way to make a difference. So young and she already has life figured out.  Click here to read her Chick of the Month story
- Robin F., Swampscott, Massachusetts

Toughie Chick - One tough little French-Canadian; a 33-year breast cancer survivor!  Read Toughie's whole story
Francoise C., West Hills, California

Shoily Chick - Our friend Shirley has a rare case Hodgkin's disease, as it is usually not seen in people over 40. We think Shoily Chick is unusual for her stamina, coping skills and positive attitude! She is just 2 years shy of her 50th wedding anniversary, is the mother of two grown children and is devoted to her 8-year-old grandson. She is retired from her career as a reference librarian but it doesn't sound like she is slowing down. Click here for more of her story
- Shirley G., Long Island, New York

Witty Chick - She lost her husband of 28 years to colon cancer when he was only 50. Through out her entire ordeal she continues to turn a phrase and make others laugh. She takes her friend's phone calls, always listens to their troubles and offers great perspective usually with a giggle! 
- Sandra J., La Verne, California

Spirit Chick - "I think I would like a Chick name and my friend Mark suggested "spirit" chick because I used to have a lot of spirit... actually, I still do! So, perhaps it's a good name for me after all." Thanks Maris, or should we say, SPIRIT CHICK, we think you have not only spirit but also endurance and the will to prevail! Click here for Spirit's story
- Maris S., New York     

Loyal Chick - Loyal comes from a family of four sisters. Her oldest sister, a wonderfully creative artist, died at 37 from breast cancer. Her two remaining sisters are both in treatment right now. One has breast cancer and the other has ovarian cancer. Loyal runs up and down the state of California lending support and love to her siblings. - Lorie S., West Hills, California

Webbie Chick - This Chick can find any medical info on the internet. She has helped many people with clarification of systems, diagnosis and any information they need regarding treatment. Recently, her best friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer and Webbie is there for her with info, love and support. 
- Joanne C., West Hills, California

Butterfly Chick - Harriet is truly a chick in transition. It has been one full year since her surgery for Breast cancer and she has grown back a thick head of hair! In addition to her struggle with cancer she has had to work through the pain of carpel tunnel syndrome, which has caused her to seek a career change. She is researching career options that will bring her the satisfaction, sense of joy and fulfillment that we all strive for after serious illness. We know she will find her answers and emerge from her search as the BUTTERFLY emerges from its cocoon. 
- Harriet F., Reseda, California 

Jumpin' Chick - Some chicks are just fearless and this gal will try anything. Her beloved grandmother died of cancer. As tribute she uses her name. Jumpin' supports the efforts of Chemo Chicks with instant access, solid advice and a wonderful spirit. 
- Ann Marie F., West Hills, California

Lolinda Bonita Chickita - Linda's closest friends refer to her as Lolinda Bonita, we just added the CHICKITA! Linda had just begun her process with breast cancer when we met in June. We hope that she is recovering from surgery and will keep us posted on her plans for follow-up treatments. 
- Linda B., Covina, California

Song Bird Chick - Reached out to Ultra when they first met, as the warm, loving, strong, breast cancer survivor that she is. Anne has a most beautiful singing voice and she is an example of following your dream at any age and how not to give up. At 50, she has just joined with a group of local musicians and is now performing regularly. Her strength and love are a gift she gives others through her music.
- Anne S., Seattle, Washington

Click Chick - This is a natural title for Sophia as she is an extraordinary photographer and never leaves home without her camera. She has just finished her chemo rounds for her Breast Cancer. As with so many of us, now that her life has been permanently altered she is looking to make her first love, photography, her career. As she is always looking for compelling subjects to "shoot" she loves to take photos of "bald Chicks", she has taken shots of our ultra and would love to find some new subjects… If you are interested in having some fun behind the camera, let us know and we will put you in touch with CLICK CHICK! - Sophia E., California

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