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 Chick Cuisine

By Tobin Larson (aka BoyChick)


We are finding that a lot of people who are readjusting their lives after cancer are very concerned about nutrition and diet. We all want sinful pleasure yet guilt and pounds free.

In the coming months, we intend to bring you great ideas for healthy, tasty, and easy recipes. In the beginning, they will come from our kitchens but we would love to hear from you, too!

  • What are your best healthy recipes? 
  • What did you crave during treatments? 
  • When even the idea of food made you sick, 
    what did you turn to? 
  • What kept your nausea at bay?

BoyChick will test and edit any recipes you send. And please send your stories and anecdotes too.

Click here to send us your recipes, stories, and more!

Back in the days when Ultra was still traveling extensively designing movies and television shows, her husband Tobin (BoyChick) stayed (mostly) out of trouble by spending his non-working hours attending classes at the New School's Culinary Institute in New York. Yes, our Ultra Chick is a very lucky girl.


NEW! Apple Chicken


Sweet maple salmon

Sweet Maple Salmon
One of Ultra's faves


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