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Laura K., Boulder, Colorado


Hello Chemo Chicks,

Congratulations to you on a wonderful idea-website-organization! A friend just sent me your URL and looking at your website was the most fun I've had all day (or at least in the "top 5." In case you're wondering the competition was 1) yoga class, 2) support group, 3) a mint-chip tofutti cutie, and 4) the beautiful snow falling today). I laughed so hard at the "excuse me" stories!!!! They are fantastic.

Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service to all Chemo Chicks! I still have hair, although not for long, and will definitely be a purchaser of some of your beautifying products.

A little bit (okay, a lot) about me:

One week after I got back from my honeymoon I found a lump in my breast. Less than 2 weeks later, on October 23, 2003 I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Since then I've had a lumpectomy and re-excision, which was successful. The tumor was small (1cm) and had not spread to my lymph nodes, but since it had some very aggressive characteristics I am going with a more aggressive regimen of chemotherapy.

Oh! Wait! I'm skipping ahead . . . it wasn't until I'd gotten 11 opinions (yes, you read that right) and did insane amounts of research that I was able to decide on my chemo regimen. The controversy amongst doctors was whether or not I was "high risk." Given that there hasn't been much research done on breast cancers like mine in young women, it was really a judgment call. And of course I wanted the best "judgment" in the country :) So back and forth it went until I just decided I needed to be aggressive.

I had my first chemo treatment last week and even though it was horrible I think I survived quite well. Kind of like a bad frat party where you think you may have drank too much, but-if-you-just-hold-really-still-maybe-it-will-all-be-okay type of feeling. Luckily it never got very bad, so I feel lucky.

My support system is incredible - the best - beyond compare. Friends, family, and strangers alike have stepped in to make me feel loved, taken care of, and special. My husband is a saint, although from time to time he threatens to put me up for sale on e-bay :) I truly feel blessed right now in that I know how much I am loved.

Besides taking care of myself like a queen, I am also a yoga instructor and life coach. Practicing yoga has significantly helped me with many of the symptoms I could be experiencing - but am not, or at least not very often or intensely. I'm also getting regular acupuncture treatments and taking supplements like a fiend. Oh, in case people want a great resource for supplement info, this is an informational website on herbs, vitamins, and supplements from Sloan-Kettering. You enter a particular supplement and you can find out if there are any risks associated with it, especially as it relates to cancer treatment.

My life was incredible before I had cancer - well-balanced, filled with love, healthy, and I had the opportunity to help others. I believe it will be the same when I am through with my treatment, only I want to focus my "helping" on other people with cancer, especially breast cancer. I am especially eager to start offering yoga classes to others with cancer because I believe in the value tremendously. I also know there are many ways I can use my coaching experience to help ease people's "cancer journey." I know - no questions asked - that the reason I was chosen to get cancer is so that I can help others. Well that's the scoop from a new Chemo Chick in the Rocky Mountains.

Again, many thanks for what you are doing! I'll look forward to reading and enjoying your website in the days ahead.

Best regards, 
Sassy Yoga Chick 
Laura K.
Boulder, Colorado

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