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Tamara M., California

I was diagnosed in 2002 with a large (6cm x 6cm) brain tumor. July 23rd, 2002, I had a CT and showed a large lesion, the next morning I went to the city for a MRI and showed in greater detail my tumor to all who were interested. That evening at roughly 9pm I underwent a right frontal craniotomy for resectioning of a brain tumor. Things went well and I woke up feeling like some had opened my skull and sucked out my brain, appropriate I guess. I was up and out of the hospital in five days, first thing I did was go shopping, something girlie and pink was needed.

That fall I tried to return to university, however I was not able to go back, things were worse than I thought and I was unable to concentrate and take anything in. I had drastically over estimated my ability to return to my life as it was before.

The tumor was good for me in other ways though, it got me off my butt with my boyfriend at the time, we agreed to be engaged and marry after he finished school in two years time. He graduated in 2004 and a month later we were married.

In January 2004 I had another tumor removed and started chemo in March.

I don't know what I was thinking last year (after the second surgery) we sold the house we had been living in for six years, got a new puppy and moved to a new house. I don't think I ever want to do it like that ever again.

Things have settled down somewhat, my last MRI was clear and I'm hoping for the same results the next MRI in July. I'm making plans to try to go back to school again, very slowly and with help this time. My husband calls me Kitty, not sure why, just the name I have, so call me Kitty chick.

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