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Teal couch days!

"I now have what I refer to as "teal couch days" because, although I have many chemo brain days, this is the strangest, most unexplained thing that has happened. I have absolutely no recall of this incident. It's gotten to the point that my job is in jeopardy because I have trouble focusing and remembering things.

My background is that I have had breast cancer twice and went through four rounds of chemotherapy two separate times.

I am a secretary and I was recently ordering two burgundy couches and one gray chair for our department. I had put much time into selecting the burgundy couches, and I knew they would go nice with the carpeting that I had also picked out and ordered. When they arrived the couches and the chair were teal, and I was sure the company had made a mistake. When I pulled out the paperwork to look at the quote from the company, there, in my handwriting, was the burgundy and gray crossed out, and the color teal and code number for teal written in ----- IN MY HANDWRITING. I have absolutely no recollection of doing this, no explanation for why I would do this, and I am not coming off looking too sharp to my boss and others when I have to explain to them why in the world I order teal.

Chemotherapy has taken away from me much more than the hair that grew back in a matter of months. There are days when I sit at my desk and cannot think clearly at all and then there are other days when I come in and pound out work all day while feeling on top of my game. It's very frustrating and scary!

Thank you for letting me vent."


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