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Mental "sludge" even after 7 years

"I am 7 years out from breast cancer treatment with surgeries, chemo, and radiation. The mental sludge that everyone told me would eventually clear, has not. An example of a day for me is this: I put some almonds on to toast in a fry pan and then went to take a shower. The house filled with smoke and the pan will never be the same.

I am helping a friend learn to sew. Because it is so difficult to concentrate and remember, I convinced her to buy twice the fabric needed for her granddaughter's curtains. I was corrected only after actually drawing a picture and writing down numbers. I can live with my own mistakes but I really grieve over how this brain loss affects others that I love.

I have a million more examples… I know that often people think I don't care about them. My brain doesn't seem to separate the important from the trivial. Someone can tell me something very important and I can forget it within the next few minutes. I find it very distressing."

- Lori

 We know what you mean, Lori, we have heard from a lot of women that it is hard to shake the "sludge".

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