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A sample of a 'normal' chemo-brain affected day
Jan G., Yucca Valley, California

Wake up, check notes written to myself yesterday... none of them made much sense. As I do with all my other notes to myself, which don't make sense, I threw them away. I for got I had a daily radiation treatment, and couldn't have cared less when the hospital called me to ask why I hadn't shown up.

(Next) I decide I feel okay. I take a bus to a busy area and… get lost. A nice policeman helps me get back on the right bus to go home. First, (Before I head for home) I went to pay my cell phone bills, which I finally remembered I was there to do.

I get to the counter and had no clue why I was there, who I was or where I lived. I handed the customer service person my bag and asked him to see what he could do for me. He was very patient."

"I count with my fingers and can't carry on a decent conversation with anyone… I go see my oncologist who tells me it's my imagination, 3 oncologists have told me that… "

- Lee, Queens, NY

So many of us can identify with this chick's frustration

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