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Ask Ultra 


Ask Ultra! She'll help if she can. Lot's of Chicks are looking for the same thing: moral support and guidance from someone who has been there. Please, no medical questions as Ultra and ChemoChicks is not a qualified medical advisor. Always talk to your medical professional if you are having problems. Every Chick is entitled to a second medical opinion!

Should I just get it all buzzed off?


I am starting chemo in a week for NHL. I have shoulder length thick hair. I have an appointment to cut it this Thursday...chemo on next Monday. Should I just get it all buzzed off...sort of like Sigourney Weaver? I need advise since I am driving myself senseless trying to decide.

Thanks for your help,
Miki K.

Hi Miki,

I know I have been there....

I suggest a short haircut at first so that you will adjust a little at a time. Also, when your hair starts coming back in you will go through a litany of short do's as it grows. I think it is good to see yourself with short hair, first.

You will know when it is time to buzz the rest off. I knew and when I did I found it a little freaky, but also freeing.

Our thoughts are with you,

Looking for Survivors


I am seeking other stage four breast cancer survivors specifically those who had been clean for nine years at stage two and then diagnosed again as stage four. Have you any clue where they are?


Hi Becky,

I have been thinking about the best way to find the survivors that you are looking for...

Have you made this request to your medical team? That was a good place to start, for me, when I wanted to meet other Ovarian Cancer survivors. Have you tried forwarding your request to a larger network to see if anyone on their list knows someone with your circumstances?

Also, is there a support group system of any kind in your area? They are likely to know who has what history.

Best of Luck,





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